​April 30,  Livermore Art & Wine

​April 2nd,  Don Quiotes

​July 30th. Alameda art /wine festival, Alameda ,Ca.

Sep. 16th... Don Quiotes Int. music Hall, Felton ,Ca

​Feb 7,  Ivy Room

​Sep 12 , Blue Lamp

​May 9,  Capones Speakeasy


​May 21,  Bimbos 365 club

​Aug 26,  Sweetwater Music Hall

​June 6,  The Ivy Room


​Aug 15,  Mtn House Bar

​March 12,  Bal Theatre

​Nov 22,  Pine st. Bar

JAN 7,  Peri's Saloon

​Oct. 28th... Club Fox, Redwood City, Ca.


​Dec 2,  Great American Music Hall

​July 30,  Alameda Art Festival

​Oct 15,  Henflings Tavern

May 14th , Alameda spring fest

​Jan 20,  The Ritz

​Nov 20,  Sweetwater Music Hall

​Sep 20,  Pine st Bar

​June 25,  Swabbies on the River

​May 7,  Alameda spring Festival


MAR 11th, The Big Easy

​Nov 7,  Longboard

Aug 1,  Mexxi's

​Past Shows

April 23,  Longboard



Nov 7,  Connecticut Yankee

​Oct 29,  Club Fox

​June 3rd, Don Quiotes


​May 8,  Winters Tavern

​Aug 8,  Bal Theatre

June, 24 Swabbies on the river

​Upcoming shows